About Joe Rod Services

Joe Rod Services was established in 2007 with an aim to provide the highest quality of service to its clients. The company started as a water transportation service but has now expanded to include frac tanks, dirt and rock trucks and other maintenance services. The objective of the company is to provide a safe and efficient service. For this reason, our trucks are regularly maintained to ensure that they are performing at the highest level.

One of our greatest assets are our employees, who receive substantial training, are passionate and committed to exceeding project expectations for every client. Our employees are rewarded and incentivized to achieve high safety and efficiency goals.

For the development of oil and gas, one of the essential requirements is the efficient management of water needs. Joe Rod Services responds to these needs with its efficient water transportation system.

At Joe Rod Services we are deeply committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees. For this purpose, we ensure that a rigorous standard operating procedure is maintained. We closely observe our employees as they work to make sure that they are adhering to all rules and regulations and if there is any area in which they are deficient, it can be quickly identified and corrected.

We have been providing trustworthy service for many years and are committed to developing a relationship of trust with our clients. Another way that we make sure our employees are maintaining a high standard of safety protocol is by requiring that they perform a job safety analysis before undertaking any task and at the end of each working day.

Our experience expands well over a decade, our equipment is all the highest quality, our fleet of vehicles is expansive, and we are committed to creating an atmosphere of excellence.

Mission Statement

The goal of the company is to provide the highest quality of service to its clients while being highly focused on safety. All our employees are trained so that they value safety above all else, just like we do as a company.

We are deeply committed that all our employees are working in a safe environment and thus it is our intention to maintain a leading position in the industry concerning safety standards. We strive for the highest level of client satisfaction through our expansive fleet of vehicles and all our equipment.

At Joe Rod Services we are deeply committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees.

We seek to be a strong force in the industry and ensure the highest standard of service while maintaining deadlines and providing solutions.


The vision of Joe Rod Services for the future is to continue its excellent standard of service and ensure the satisfaction of all its clients. Our goal will continue to be to hold ourselves to the highest of standards, provide the ultimate safety for our employees, and provide the best of services. One of our goals is to maintain a record of zero recordable incidents.

Our desire is to grow just as we did before, starting from a water sourcing company and expanding to include maintenance services, frac tanks and dirt transportation to ultimately become a single source supplier of services and operations needed to run a smooth operation from planning to production.

Our vision is to achieve our goals with a diverse and well-trained workforce, the highest quality of equipment, a wealth of resources and an ever expanding fleet of vehicles.